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Dolce Terra has been ever-evolving, officially since 2015 when Dolce was born. At the heart of Dolce is a passion for creating not only desserts, but for creating an experience. It's so fulfilling seeing someone wow-ed by what I made and the experience that it contributes to for them. 

Duenas Family Portrait

Hi, I'm Gina!


​The creator behind all things Dolce. In 2015 I decided that I was ready to pursue baking at a more professional level and Dolce was officially born. I have a full-time career in tech and Dolce is my passion pursuit.


Dolce cake design is focused on a love for simple awe - fresh florals, accents that highlight ingredients, and a final aesthetic that has a vibe of its own. Statement cakes and desserts are my passion. 

I look forward to the opportunity to create something both amazingly delicious and stunning for you.

Cheers to all the Cakes + Celebrations!

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